Harrison Ford Jacob Dutton 1923 Wool Blazer


  • Inspired By: Tv Series 1923
  • Worn: Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton
  • Material: Wool Fabric
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Color: Black
  • Front: Buttoned Closure
  • Collar: Lapel Collar
  • Pockets: Three at Front and Two Inside


Harrison Ford Jacob Dutton 1923 Wool Blazer

Harrison Ford, embodying the indomitable spirit of Jacob Dutton in 1923, dons a Wool Blazer that’s more character than costume. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill rancher’s attire; it’s a sartorial companion through thick and thin, whispering tales of grit with a hint of grace.

Ford, with his iconic gruff and charisma, makes the 1923 Jacob Dutton coat an extension of Jacob’s persona. The black wool is less of a color choice and more of a narrative device, elegantly draping the complexities and shadows that dance around his character. It’s as if the coat absorbed the essence of the Montana wilderness, rugged yet strangely reassuring.

With its meticulous buttoned closure and lapel collar, the coat narrates a saga. A saga of resilience, of silent leadership echoing through the valleys. And those pockets? They’re secret keepers, bearing the weight of the Dutton legacy with an unspoken elegance.

The 1923 Jacob Dutton coat isn’t just worn; it’s lived in. It’s witnessed the silent whispers of the past, the turmoil, and the tenacity. The 1923 Harrison Ford coat, the unsung hero of the Dutton wardrobe is a beacon of style and storytelling, woven together with threads of wit and whispers of the past. It’s as timeless as Ford’s legacy and as memorable as Jacob’s journey through the rugged terrains of life and legacy.

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