Terms and Condition


According to the terms and conditions our client can gain these service after ordering the product from our online website store which is (usaleatherfactory.com).

1.Custom of Site

The person age who is ordering the product should be at least 18 year for using of the site. We funding the customer non-negotiable license to use the site. Under the Terms Designated.

There are certain term and condition on the Website which may need Consumer login. Distinct need to register his self before availing the product.

2.User Submissions

Of any kind that customers do to the site whether it queries, reviews and remarks will turn out to be our only properties and will not be returned to the customer. We strictly not allow consumer who use any wrong and fake email address.

3.Order Reception and Pricing

Please take into account that there are many cases when order cannot be treated for solid cause. We have all the rights to decline or revoke any order for any reason any time we need. Customer may be asked other information which includes phone no and address, before accepting the order.

4.  Privacy

The central policy of our website is related to our consumer privacy. We do not share any customer’s personal information to the third party or to any one in order to do marketing. The main purpose of our customer information is only for corporate use and the personal data of customer is protected by us. We also provide the service to access and adjust the information which our customers provide us.

5.Additional Costs or Duties

The website is free of cost registration mean there is no additional cost or charges in order of registration.


All material on this Site Copyright Material is protected by copyright laws unless otherwise noted and may not be used except as permitted in these Terms and Conditions or in the text on the Site, and is protected under the law

7. Trademark

According to our terms and conditions all subjects and information on this site as well as without restriction text, explicit and images, is the property of our company.