Trans Am Burt Reynolds Smokey and The Bandit Jacket


  • Inspired by: Smoky and The Bandit
  • Worn by: Burt Reynolds as Bandit
  • Material: Polyester
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Color: Golden
  • Collar: Rib Knitted Collar
  • Pockets: Two Outer and Two Inner Pockets


Trans Am Burt Reynolds Smokey and The Bandit Jacket

Head onto the highway like an original legend with the Smoky and The Bandit Tans Am jacket, inspired by the legendary film that showed how highways can burn up with fun and comedy. This is a golden ticket to the age of cool cars, unforgettable chases, and Burt Reynolds as the Bandit’s undeniable charm.

Made out of premium polyester, this jacket comes with an aura of durability that does not bog you down, and at the same time, it is lightweight to give room for your fast lifestyle. The golden color is a statement that re-epitomizes the liveliness and the charm of the 70s as a wink to the golden age of action-packed cinema.

The collar on the jacket is rib-knitted, providing a touch of sporty chicness to your persona and making sure that you stand out from the crowd even when visiting a car show a Halloween party, or driving around in town. Harking back to the old bomber jackets, both the front closure and the ribbed detailing refer to classics, a touch of Bandit with an evergreen twist.

This Smokey and The Bandit Trans Am jacket comes with two out pockets and two inner pockets. These pockets are the perfect place to hide your necessities ranging from sunglasses, keys, and maybe even that map guiding you during your next adventure.

This Burt Reynolds Trans Am jacket is freedom, an ode to the escapades on the open road and to the very soul of Smokey and The Bandit. It is for those who run after the horizon, who believe in the challenge, and who know that, sometimes, to leave a mark, you have to probably break some rules.

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