The Walking Dead Savior Guard Vest


  • Material: genuine leather
  • Internal: soft viscose lining
  • Color: black
  • Collar: lapel style collar
  • Closure: Asymmetrical zipper closure
  • Pockets: Three front and two inside pockets
  • Shoulder epaulets


The Walking Dead Savior Guard Leather Vest

As you step into the haunting world of The Walking Dead, a scene unfolds before your eyes. The eerie silence is broken by the distant shuffle of undead footsteps. Amid this desolate landscape, a person emerges, clad in the unmistakable Savior Guard vests. The presence commands attention, a formidable force in the fight for survival.

Picture a gripping scene where the Savior Guard, led by the ruthless Negan, marches through the abandoned streets of Alexandria. The black leather vest, adorned with shoulder epaulets, glisten in the pale moonlight, a stark contrast against the grim surroundings. Each guard emits an air of authority, their lapel-style collars framing faces etched with determination.

In another heart-stopping moment, the Savior Guard takes the position as a group of survivors attempts a daring escape. The asymmetrical zipper closures of the vests symbolize the unpredictable nature of this post-apocalyptic world. With every zip, iy seals the unity, ready to unleash his might against any threat that dares to challenge them.

The Savior Guard vest, crafted from genuine leather, provides both protection and style. The soft viscose lining caresses the weary bodies, a momentary respite from the harsh realities they face. Each stitch bears the marks of countless battles fought, each scar telling a story of survival.

In this ever-evolving world of The Walking Dead, the Savior Guard vest stands as an emblem of resilience and unwavering determination. It represents the unyielding spirit of those who have embraced their roles as guardians in a world gone awry.

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