Sarah Jessica Parker Frock Style Leather Jacket


  • Inspired by: Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Outfit Type: Frock Style Jacket
  • Material: Real Leather
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Color: Black
  • Closure: Zipper with Buttoned Closure
  • Pockets: Four Outside and Two Inside Pockets


Sarah Jessica Parker Frock Style Leather Jacket

The Sarah Jessica Frock Style jacket with the frock style is a definite hot item that makes it stand out from the crowd, doesn’t it? Taking after the iconic fashion model, Sarah Jessica Parker, this jacket is that fusion of classic and funky which we all crave all the time! Allow yourself to picture the moment of putting on a jacket that is not your usual leather but rather a frock style that has an appealing flair to it. In essence, It feels like you’re living the best of the two worlds!

This jacket is constructed from authentic leather and hence a statement of not just style but a high level of durability and a premium feel. The interior is made from viscose, which champions the comfort factor against your skin. It is not only about the appearance but also about the inner values that give tenderness and a gentle feel to the body.

The choice of color is black, which is a classic trend that makes this Sarah Jessica Parker leather jacket a wear-with-anything piece. It’s black in the first place, is by its nature, timeless, elegant, and easy to outfit, be it casual or formal.

The closure system is the point where the variation becomes a mood changer – a quirky zipper with a buttoned closure. Besides, it not only makes the windbreaker safer and better but also enhances its look.

Pockets are also another very interesting thing about this jacket. It has four zippered outside and two zippered inside pockets. Your spacious carry-on bag will allow you to bring your essentials without sacrificing your unique style.

This jacket is probably the best replica of Sarah Jessica Parker’s classic appearance. It is for the admirers of her fashion who want to wear a piece that shows the same elegance and uniqueness. Whether it’s the pencil frock, leather jackets, or just something crazy this piece is worth the investigation.

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