Ryan Gosling Barbie Black Cowboy Shirt


  • Inspired by: Movie Barbie
  • Worn by Ryan Gosling as Ken
  • Outfit Type: Cowboy Shirt
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Black
  • Closure: Button Closure
  • Embroidery & Fringe Design on Shirt


Ryan Gosling Barbie Black Cowboy Shirt

Yeehaw, folks, saddle up because Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie 2023 is roping in fans faster than a bucking bronco at a rodeo! John Wayne, be aware, there’s a new cowboy in town, and he’s looking sharp in the Ryan Gosling Barbie Black Cowboy shirt.

Picture this: Ryan Gosling, strutting like a confident cowboy, ready to lasso your heart with his irresistible charm. The Ken shirt is not just any old western wear, it’s like the Bad Boy of the Barbieverse just got a fashion upgrade. Button closure, because real cowboys don’t need magic to keep things together.

But it’s the embroidery and fringe design that’s got everyone hooting and hollering. It’s like the shirt itself is doing a little dance every time Ken moves, you know, just to keep things extra sassy! No wonder Barbie’s blushing brighter than a barn on fire.

Now, let’s talk about Ken’s popularity, why is he the sheriff of the Barbieverse? Well, aside from Ryan Gosling’s charisma turning Barbie dolls into groupies, it’s all about the character he’s playing. This Ken is more than just a plastic sidekick; he’s got a personality bigger than the Wild West. He’s got a heart as wide as the prairie, and a sense of humor as sharp as a cactus needle!

Ken’s appeal lies in his versatility, he can be a dashing astronaut one moment and a rugged cowboy the next. He’s like a fashion chameleon, making Barbie’s dream wardrobe jealous. From Hollywood red carpets to frontier adventures, there’s no style he can’t rock.

Everybody, hold on to your 10-gallon hats, folks because Ryan Gosling as Ken is riding into the Barbie 2023 movie with a swagger that’ll make Woody from Toy Story tip his hat in admiration! With his black cowboy shirt and irresistible charm, he’s got fans of all ages lining up like it’s a Wild West showdown. It’s a rooting-tooting adventure you don’t want to miss, get ready to laugh, swoon, and maybe even do a little square dance in Ken Fringe shirt.

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