Chris Evans The Red Sea Diving Resort Jacket


  • Inspired by: The Red Sea Diving Resort
  • Worn by: Chris Evans as Ari Levinson
  • Material: Cotton
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Color: Grey
  • Closure: Zipper Closure
  • Pockets: Two Outside and Two Inside Pockets


Chris Evans The Red Sea Diving Resort Ari Levinson Jacket

Chris Evans stars as Ari Levinson in The Red Sea Diving Resort, an action-packed thriller based on true events that showcase his acting talent in an entirely new light. Set during the early 1980s and depicting Mossad agents attempting to transport Ethiopian Jewish refugees from Ethiopia back to Israel using a deserted holiday resort in Sudan as cover, this riveting thriller from Chris Evans serves as an eye-opener about this hidden world.

Evans portrays Levinson with conviction and resourcefulness, driven by an abiding sense of justice and humanity. Evans plays this character by skillfully balancing intensity with the emotional struggle associated with his mission’s life-or-death stakes – creating an engaging character arc that captures both heroic qualities while remaining humane.

Operation Moses and Joshua is an acclaimed work of fiction rooted in an exceptional true story; thus, lending it historical resonance. The film gained commendations for its riveting plot, complex characters, and exposure to lesser-known chapters of history; specifically, Evans’ performance as Ari Levinson which contributed significantly to its impact and memorability.

Chris Evans The Red Sea Diving Resort Jacket perfectly captures Ari Levinson’s potent yet sensible persona. Crafted of high-quality cotton with soft viscose lining, it combines comfort and toughness, featuring its grey color and zipper closure for an aesthetically pleasing yet practical design. Also equipped with two outside and two inside pockets to match, its wearer will have no trouble storing everyday essentials!

The Red Sea Diving Resort Ari Levinson jacket provides you with an opportunity to connect with powerful stories and unforgettable characters. Discover its special style, a reminder of a mission that changed lives, and to someone who exemplified heroism in all forms.

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