Brad Pitt Seven Movie David Mills Black Leather Coat


  • Inspired by: Seven Movie
  • Worn by: Brad Pitt as David Mills
  • Material: Real Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Outfit Type: Trench Coat
  • Collar: Lapel Collar
  • Pockets Two Outside and Two Inner Pockets


Brad Pitt Seven Movie David Mills Black Leather Coat

Brad Pitt’s performance of Detective David Mills in Seven is an outstanding example of character development. Mills is an idealistic young detective thrust into an investigation alongside veteran officer William Somerset (Morgan Freeman). Set against a backdrop of sin and despair in an urban city setting, Mills’ journey becomes fraught with moral and psychological turmoil as he faces down a cunning serial killer with all seven Deadly Sins.

Pitt’s performance as David Mills is a treat to watch, the raw intensity, perfectly portraying Mills’ transformation from innocence to disillusionment as the horrors of the case take their toll is a must-watch. His relationship with Somerset is an excellent addition to the plot, juxtaposing youthful enthusiasm with weary experience. The film, known for its dark themes and startling twist ending, received high popularity ratings as it earned itself the title of a classic thriller film.

Mills’ distinctive style was seen through his iconic Brad Pitt Seven Movie David Mills Black Leather Jacket. With the power of the finest genuine leather, the texture of the jacket screams durability and sophistication. The beautiful black color and a traditional lapel collar offer a classic appeal that makes every eye glued on you.

The trench coat style, featuring two external and two internal pockets, gives convenient storage space. Brad Pitt Coat is all about leveling up your fashion game

The David Mills coat provides an opportunity to sprinkle a twist to your everyday style game. Step into the world of leather and experience Detective David Mills with this classic black leather trench coat.

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