Batwoman Ruby Rose Hooded Jacket Costume


  • Inspired By: TV Series Batwoman
  • Worn By: Ruby Rose As Batwoman
  • Material: Genuine leather or faux leather
  • Lining: Soft viscose lining
  • Color: Black and red
  • Pockets: Two outside and two inside pockets
  • Red Batwoman logo at front
  • Cuffs: Rib-knitted


Batwoman Ruby Rose Hooded Jacket Costume

Unleash the whirlwind of your inner hero with the Ruby Rose Batwoman costume. This extraordinary garment is a masterpiece of creativity, merging the worlds of fashion and crime-fighting into a stunning display of style and empowerment.

With premium faux leather, this Batwoman jacket becomes a canvas for your heroic persona. The intricate design, with its black and red hues, creates a mesmerizing visual symphony that captures the essence of your dual nature. It symbolizes the storm within, the tornado of justice that sweeps through the streets.

The attached red hoodie is a stroke of genius, adding a dramatic flair to the costume. Like a crimson storm cloud, it billows with the promise of swift justice and delivers an air of mystery to your presence. It becomes the cloak of your alter ego, concealing your identity while announcing your arrival with undeniable impact.

The two side waist pockets and two inner pockets become your arsenal of tools and gadgets. These pockets, like secret compartments, hold the key to your crime-fighting arsenal. From smoke pellets to batarangs, they are resourceful and readiness for any challenge.

The soft viscose lining embraces you like a gentle gust of wind, offering comfort during your high-flying exploits. It becomes a cocoon of solace, a heaven where you can catch your breath before plunging back into the chaos. The lining becomes a reminder of your humanity, grounding you amid the whirlwind.

The red Batwoman logo, emblazoned proudly on the front, is a beacon of hope and inspiration. It becomes the symbol of your unyielding determination to bring justice to the darkest corners of the city. Each glance fuels your resolve and reminds you of the responsibility that comes with your extraordinary powers.

Unleash the creative storm within and embody the spirit of Batwoman with the Batwoman Costume.

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