The Walking Dead Felix Brown Leather Jacket


  • Inspired By: TV series The Walking Dead
  • Worn by: Nico Tortorella as Felix
  • Material: Genuine leather
  • Inner: Viscose lining
  • Color: Brown
  • Closure: Front zipper closure
  • Sleeves: Full sleeves with zipper cuffs
  • Pockets: Two waist pockets and two inside pockets
  • Padded shoulders


Nico Tortorella The Walking Dead Felix Brown Leather Jacket

In the vast and treacherous world of The Walking Dead, where survival hangs by a thread, one character emerges as a beacon of resilience and style. Nico Tortorella breathes life into the enigmatic Felix, a survivor who defies the odds with his unwavering spirit. And amidst the chaos and desperation, Felix’s fashion choices speak volumes, none more iconic than The Walking Dead Felix jacket.

This extraordinary jacket is a masterpiece crafted from genuine leather, bearing witness to the harsh realities of the post-apocalyptic world. Its deep brown hue mirrors the earthy tones of the desolate landscape, a symbol of both strength and adaptability. As you slip into this jacket, its essence envelops you, a fusion of protection and individuality.

The front zipper closure acts as a shield against the unforgiving elements, ensuring that Felix remains poised even in the face of relentless danger. The full sleeves, adorned with zipper cuffs, add a touch of rebel flair, a reminder that even amidst chaos, personal style can thrive.

Impeccable in its functionality, The Walking Dead Felix brown jacket offers two waist pockets and two inside pockets, offering a haven for survival essentials. But it’s the padded shoulders that truly make a statement, silently showcasing Felix’s battle scars and resilience, a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

So, venture into the mesmerizing world of The Walking Dead, where survival meets style. Embrace the captivating character of Felix with Felix jacket, and let your presence resonate with the echoes of resilience and individuality.

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