Sam Flynn Tron Legacy Jacket


  • Inspired By: Tron Legacy
  • Worn By: Garrett Hedlund Sam Flynn
  • Material: Cow Leather
  • Inner: Soft viscose lining
  • Color: Black Distressed
  • Closure: Zip closure
  • Pockets: Two  outside and two inside pockets
  • Sizes: XS to 5XL
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Garrett Hedlund Tron Legacy Sam Flynn Jacket

Enter the world of cybernetic adventure and embrace the cutting-edge style of the Sam Flynn Tron Legacy jacket. This remarkable jacket, crafted from high-quality cow leather, transports you to the digital realm where innovation and imagination collide.

In a striking black distressed color, this jacket makes a rugged and edgy appeal. The distressed finish adds a touch of authenticity as if it has weathered the challenges of the virtual world alongside Sam Flynn himself. As you don this jacket, you become a part of the Tron Legacy, a symbol of resilience and technological prowess.

The soft viscose lining on the inside ensures a comfortable and snug fit. It caresses your skin, reminding you of the boundless possibilities that exist within the digital universe. With each wear, you tap into the energy and excitement of a world beyond imagination.

The zip closure hints at a touch of modernity and functionality. With a swift motion, you step into the shoes of a digital hero, ready to traverse the virtual landscape with speed and agility. The zipper becomes a symbol of your journey, seamlessly connecting the real and virtual realms.

The two outside and two inside pockets on this jacket offer vast storage space for your gadgets and essentials. Keep your digital tools close at hand, knowing that they are protected within the confines of this futuristic attire.

Available in sizes ranging from XS to 5XL, this jacket caters to both the tech-savvy and the fashion-forward. It embraces individuals of all sizes, allowing them to embrace the persona of Sam Flynn and embark on their digital adventures.

Embrace the legacy of Tron and become a part of the cybernetic revolution with the Sam Flynn leather jacket. Whether you’re attending a sci-fi convention or unleashing your creativity on the streets, this jacket is your gateway to a world where imagination knows no bounds. Step into the digital realm and let your style transcend reality.


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